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Why start with Measurement?

In order to get the right fit, you need to do a very precise measurement. Over years of experience, we found that one of the reasons many Door projects get failed is the wrong measurement. 

In home measurement is indeed a popular service offer. by having this service, you can be sure that the doors you receive will fit perfectly and you won't be worry about any issues that might arise from incorrect measurements.

How this process works:

1-  Book the Best date and time.

2- The Measurement fee is not refundable, but  the 50% of it will be credited back towards your installation cost. 

3- Our Installer will come to your home to do the professional measurement for your door space. 

4- Technicians might need to remove the Casing around the unit to have the most accurate measurement.  

5- The measurement report will be sent if requested, otherwise we will handle the ordering process on your behalf.  


We can provide you with the best Installation cost Estimate based on the information you provide to us. It would take us up to 48 hours to email you back the Estimate. We will contact you in case the provided information is not enough. 

Please click below to fill the simple Quote request:

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