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Terms & Conditions


  • Appointments, whether In-Person or Virtual are not refundable and will be credited back towards the installation cost Only. 

  • Online booked appointments, measurements whether In-Person or Virtual can be canceled/Changed within 3 hours only. 

  • The 50% Reschedule fee will be applied for any request out of the 3 hours period. Customers are allowed to change the schedule for one time only. 

  • For In-Person appointments, Our Team will send you the measurement report within 24 hours IF requested. It might take longer in case they need to collect or discuss the situation with third parties which they will notify you in advance. 

  • Although we make every effort to expedite your Measurement, certain unforeseeable events may delay the appointment. Inclement weather, vehicle breakdowns, technician sickness, etc. are just a few examples that may affect your appointment date and/or time. You will be called as soon as we become aware that rescheduling is necessary. Rescheduling of any appointment, REGARDLESS OF REASON, is not a basis for refund or cancellation, either in part or whole.

  • During the Initial Measurements (In-Person), we might need to remove casings around the unit to have access to the Opening, removing the casing might damage the paint on the wall. The casing itself might be broken as they are installed differently. Door Home is not responsible for repairing the wall or purchasing a new casing in case they are broken during the measurement process. 


  • A deposit of 60% is required once the Installation date is set, The final 40% balance will become payable once the Installation is done. 

  • Under no circumstances will any deduction from the original contract be permitted unless confirmed in writing by the Director of the company.


  • Door Home, its employees, suppliers, agents, and/or principals assume no liability resulting in any refunds in whole or part, nor compensation in whole or part for any and all of the following conditions: 

  • Damage to any attached wall fixtures, pictures, ornamentals, collectibles, furniture, plants, carpet or flooring, curtains or drapes, or miscellaneous items around or near the work being performed.

  • Damage to any security system as outlined in paragraph two above. 

  • Damage to any flooring, (carpet, hardwood tile, or other), sub-floors, walls, wallpaper, or other items around or near the door in the event of water leakage. 

  • Agreed, implied, or assumed responsibility, for the safety and security of children, elderly people, and pets. 

  • Lost wages and/or inconvenience from missed work, vacations, sick days, or others due to a change in schedules regardless of fault. Miscommunication on the part of the customer and/or Door Home constitutes no responsibility to Door Home for anything other than a reasonable effort to complete the work as contracted, in full or part. This applies to the additional time needed to complete the job beyond the original estimated and agreed-upon time frame.

  • Customers (Home Owners) should not discuss any additional business opportunities rather than the Agreed project with installers. In case of any opportunity for the future should be discussed with the Company owner. Door Home has no responsibility for any additional job performed by the Installer per customer request and without the Company's permission in Writing.


  • Although we make every effort to expedite your installation, certain unforeseeable events may delay your particular install. Product delays, inclement weather, vehicle breakdowns, installer sickness, etc. are just a few examples that may affect your install date and/or time. You will be called as soon as we become aware that rescheduling is necessary. Rescheduling of any install, REGARDLESS OF REASON, is not a basis for refund or cancellation, either in part or whole.

  • Every job is different, and installations may vary from job to job. Door Home reserves the right to determine how door glass and sidelights are to be installed. 

  • Customers (Home Owners) are responsible to remove all items in the work area to prevent possible damage to valuables. Door Home is not responsible for children, pets, or any material items loose or attached, in or around the work area. An adult or older responsible child (16 years or older) must be on the premises at all times while work is being performed.  Door Home does not guarantee nor take responsibility for stucco damage that may occur around door openings. 

  • Due to insurance regulations, and for the customer’s ultimate safety, Door Home cannot and will not reconnect security systems. Some systems are designed to lose programming if a wire is disconnected or severed. Some security systems may have wiring that runs through the door or side light sash where cuts to the door or side light are necessary for the installation of glass. These hidden wires are not visible in any way prior to cutting the door or side light sash. For that reason, Door Home cannot and will not be responsible if wiring to your security system is cut or damaged during the installation of a glass or door unit. 

  • When installing glass into your existing door, the Door Home installer is trained to inspect your door for any potential problems. If a problem is noted, the installer will discuss the problem with you with available options. If the problem(s) noted results in repairs or replacement of your existing door, you may opt to have another company or Door Home perform the repairs or replacement. Additional repairs or replacement, whether performed by another company or Door Home, is not a basis for the cancellation or refund of this agreement. Door Home does not warrant any customer’s existing door into which a door glass is installed. 

  • Installers must have access to a standard electricity supply.

  • It may not be possible for our Installer to detect any structural instability or defect in your property. We will not be liable for any damage resulting from existing structural or other defects in your property.  If structural problems are discovered to exist you must still pay the price in full even if we are not able to complete the installation in the way envisaged.  If we have to alter the installation because of structural problems an additional charge may be made.

  • You will be responsible for obtaining all planning permissions, listed building or conservation area consents, and building regulation approvals unless you instruct us to apply for these consents on your behalf with agreed additional cost.. You agree to indemnify and keep us indemnified against any loss, delay or expense including, but not limited to, loss of profit if works are halted by the local authority.

  • We guarantee the Installation for 7 days, Our technicians can stop by to check the unit making sure it is functioning properly within this period. Any issues accrue after that might be addressed with the prior appointment and billable up to $200. 


  • Door Home LLC does not provide any additional warranties for good and products in any kind. The only available warranty is the one from the Manufacturer or the Direct dealer. The warranties can be downloaded from the Manufacturer/Dealer websites for End users review. Door Home LLC can email the Warranties to the Customer IF requested. 

Lead Time

  •  Any Lead Times provided by Door Home LLC are calculated using the best information available at the time the Order is placed. However, any Lead Times provided to Purchaser are merely estimates and are subject to change due to various circumstances from suppliers.  Purchaser expressly states that he/she has not relied upon the Lead Time proved by Door Home in any way.  Purchaser can not cancel the order if the order is custom and where production has already commenced. Purchaser has 24 hours to cancel the orders only.


  •  Purchaser must provide Door Home LLC of any defective goods or non operating Unit within 24 hours after receiving or Installation the unit. Purchaser’s installation or alteration of the goods specifically constitutes acceptance of the goods and is a knowing waiver of any claim for defective goods or breach of this Agreement. 

Refund and Cancelation

  • All sales are final except as set forth herein. Orders may be cancelled if a written notice of cancellation is provided to Door Home within 24 hours after the payment is received. A ten percent (10%) cancellation fee will apply to all cancelled orders. ALL CUSTOM ORDERS, INCLUDING CUSTOM-SIZE, PRE-HUNG, AND PRE-FINISHED DOORS ARE MADE TO ORDER AND ARE NOT SUBJECT TO CANCELLATION OR REFUND WHERE PRODUCTION HAS ALREADY COMMENCED. Purchaser has sole responsibility to inspect the products upon their delivery to determine the condition of the products

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