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Standard Entrance Door Sizes

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

The main entrance door typically measures 36" Wide X 80" Height X 1 3/4" Thick. But before we go more in detail, I need to mention that door sizes are read by Foot, meaning a 36" door usually is called a 3 -0 Door (3' 0") or 24" door is called 2 -0 (2' 0"). The same method is used for the height, 80" doors are called 6-8 (6' 8") or 96" tall doors are 8-0 (8' 0").

The trend has been changing towards the taller doors as people prefer to live in houses with higher ceilings. That is why We see more 96" doors than 80" for newly built houses, especially if they are Modern/Transitional. Many designers and builders have already started using wider doors, anything between 40" to 50". In many cases they change the configuration to Pivot.

Despite the trend, you can find Exterior doors in 32" (2' 8"), 30" (2' 6") too. These sizes are mostly used with Sidelites (narrow piece of glass on the side) or as the double doors systems.

Here is the Simple table to show the available Door Sizes & how to read them:

Door Height

6' 6"

6' 8"

7' 0"

8' 0"

How to Read




Eight -O

Size Calculation






Sliding Door replacement

Most Common

Old Fashion

Most Common

Door Width

3' 6"

3' 0"

2' 10"

2' 8"

2' 6"

How to Read






Size Calculation







Trending Modern

Most Common

Sliding Door Replacement

Sing Doors or Single with Sidelite

2nd Most Common

Additional Useful facts:

  • Per Fair Housing Act, Within individual dwelling units, doors intended for user passage through the unit which have a clear opening of at least 32 inches nominal width when the door is open 90 degrees, measured between the face of the door and the stop, would meet this requirement.

  • Many Manufacturers change the Door thickness to 2 1/4" when the Door Height is over 96" tall.

  • Multipoint mechanism is suggested for doors over 96" tall as the standard Double bore system (Deadbolt and handle) is not strong enough.

About the author;

Door Home LLC is a pioneer in this business with many years of experience and robust background in door manufacturing and installation. If you have any additional questions or would like to know more about our installation techniques, or learn about what hardware system is best for you, write us in the comments section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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